Le Thaï Restaurant, Crans-Montana
027 481 82 82 • www.le-thai.ch • info@le-thai.ch
Appetizers (cold)
SOM TAM Papaya Salad & Shrimps 17.-
  Vegetable Lemon Grass Salad 16.-
  Avodaco, Cucumber & Tomato Salad 15.-
YAM NUA Beef Salad 21.-
NEM SOD Fresh Vegetarian Rolls 13.-
NEM SOD KUNG Fresh Shrimp Rolls 15.-
Appetizers (warm)
KUNG HOM PHA Springrolls 12.-
THUNG THONG Chicken Parcels 12.-
PHO PIA KUNG Fried Shrimp Wraps 12.-
SATES KAI Chicken Satay Sticks 14.-
KNOMPANG NA KUNG Shrimp Toast 14.-
PHAK BOUNG Vegetables Tempra & Mango Salad 14.-
COMBO MIXT Mixed Appetizers 30.-
KUENG TJUD Vegetarian Soup 12.-
TOM KHA KAI Chicken Soup, Lemongrass 15.-
TOM YAM KUNG Spicy Shrimp Soup 17.-

KAI KAENG DENG Red Chicken Curry 28.-
KAI KAENG KIEW Green Chicken Curry 32.-
KAI MASSAMAN Massaman Chicken Curry 32.-
KAI PIOWAN Sweet & Sour Chicken 32.-
KAI PHAD KEE MAO Spicy Chicken & Thai Basil 32.-
KAI KLOP Crispy Chicken 32.-
KAENG DENG PED Red Duck Curry 35.-
PIOWAM PED Sweet & Sour Duck 35.-
PHAD PAK PED Duck & Vegies 35.-
TOD PED Magret Duck & Thai Spices 48.-

NUA KHA PAO Beef & Thai Basil 35.-
NUA KING Ginger Beef 35.-
NUA KAENG PHED Wild Beef Curry 35.-
NUA PANENG Paneng Beef Curry 35.-
NUA KAENG KIEW Green Beef Curry 35.-
NUA KAENG PHED Red Beef Curry 35.-
NUA KLOP Crispy Beef 35.-

KUNG PANENG Paneng Shrimp Curry 35.-
KUNG KAENG PHED Red Shrimp Curry 35.-
KUNG KHA PAO Spicy Shrimp & Thai Basil 35.-
KUNG PIOWAN Sweet & Sour Shrimp 35.-
KALLE KUNG YA Kalee Gambas Curry 42.-
MASSAMAN KUNG YA Massaman Gambas Curry 42.-
PANENG KUNG YA Paneng Gambas Curry 42.-

PLA KLOP Crispy Fish Thai Style 35.-
PLA KAENG KIEW Green Fish Curry 35.-
PLA KHAK Vegetable Fish 35.-
Vegetarian Dishes
PHAD THAI TOFU Tofu Noodles 18.-
KAO PAD PHAD Vegetable Fried Rice 18.-
TOFU KAENG KIEW Green Tofu Curry 24.-
TOFU PAD Tufu with Vegetables 24.-
PHAD KHAK Green Saute Vegetables 24.-

Side Dishes
PHAD Steam Rice 4.-
KAO PHAD Fried Rice 12.-
PAD THAI Fried Noodles 12.-
PAD KHAK Mixed Vegies 12.-
  Green Aspargus with Garlic 16.-
PACK CHOY Pack Choy 14.-

Home Specialities
KE KANG PANANG Paneng Lamb Curry 37.-
PLA PHAD KALEE Kalee Seafood Curry 36.-
  Vongole Thai Style 38.-

"PAD THAI" Fried Noodles
PAD THAI KAI Chicken Noodles 26.-
PAD THAI KUNG Shrimp Noodles 35.-
Fried Rice
KAO PAD KAI Chicken Rice 26.-
KAO PAD KUNG Shrimp & Crab Rice 35.-
Depp fried Banana 12.-
Depp fried Pineapple 12.-
Sticky Mango Rice 12.-
Cherries with Kirsch 15.-
Exotic Fruits 15.-
Sprinroll Banana & Praline 13.-


Prices are in Swiss Francs, VAT and service included.